Print Marketing is Dead. Long Live Print Marketing

18th December 2015

Print Marketing is over… or so people would lead you to believe.  In the modern world of social media, email newsletters and SMS offers, it would be easy to think that the world had moved on from the physical message. 


The reality is that print marketing is evolving and thriving.  After 30 years that we’ve been in the print industry, we’re excited at the creativity and innovation we’re seeing at the moment.  And here’s a few reasons why you should be reconsidering your print options for 2016.

Physical attraction

We may live in a digital age but people still like to hold things in their hands.  In fact, over a third of people still print out emails!  Things we can hold in our hands, that we can feel, touch and use, have far more impact than words on a screen.  People can physically and literally connect with your brand, leaving a lasting impression.  Print materials also have a far longer shelf life and can be worth the investment.  A well designed, eye-catching brochure, quarterly newsletter or magazine left on coffee tables, at exhibitions and in entrance halls can reach an awful lot of people over an extended period of time. 


Thank you


Move into the empty space

There can be no denying that people are printing less these days.  The rush to digital marketing has caused traditional methods to be moved aside in favour of mail outs, Facebook posts and online shops. 

This is precisely where print marketing becomes more powerful.  When was the last time you received a letter in a hand written envelope?  Or any letters at all? The new ‘junk mail’ is cluttering people’s inboxes. The average person gets 121 a day. If you want to stand out, a letter or brochure through the post can work wonders. 


Quality not quantity

We’ve been in the print business a long time and one of the trends we have noticed is that quality products are on the rise.  If you’re going to go to the trouble of printing materials, making sure they are beautiful and a pleasure to receive is vital.  This could be as simple as using good quality paper or card or specially designed packaging and presentation boxes.




Mars Bar truck


Be Creative

Creative marketing used to be the domain of big advertising agencies.  Technology now allows us all to create high quality graphics or ideas – the only limit is our imagination.  There are some wonderful ideas for leaflets, brochures, posters and billboards that can only work in a physical form, and can make an impression for a long time afterwards.  Take some time to think a little more laterally about how to present your business.  It could be a worthwhile investing in some creative minds, we have access to and can introduce you to some very talented creatives.


Mad Croc


Use digital to your advantage

We are big fans of digital marketing, as you will see by the fact that you are reading this on our website or one of our social media channels.  Print is a great way to get them to those channels. One of the major benefits of the social media age is that you no longer need your print materials to give your customers everything they need to know.  Bold images and signposts are far more effective than lots of text. Use your print to encourage them to find out more, on your website or elsewhere, and connect with you online.  Encourage people to ask questions, share ideas and engage.


Make 2016 the year you fall in love with print again.


If you’ve been inspired, get in touch with us to talk about your ideas and together we can explore all the possibilities.





About Us

10th December 2015

Since Image It! was founded back in the late 90’s we’ve offered a winning combination of GREAT SERVICE, GREAT QUALITY and the VERY LATEST PRINT TECHNOLOGIES that even now keeps our customers coming back again and again.

Grainger Hill, Image-it

Back then when we started, the technology landscape was pretty different. Windows PCs and Macs were just making their presence felt on our desks and the business possibilities of the internet, email and web were only just beginning to open up. Our main business at the time was serving Architects, Local Authorities and the Construction and Engineering sectors, providing fast and reliable wide format reprographic copying services - all using state-of-the art equipment (and all in glorious mono of course).

Since then Image It! has consistently stayed on the bow wave of imaging technology so as to offer our customers the latest benefits in product range, quality and cost. We were the first print bureau in the area to offer digital reprographic services, soon expanding into wide format colour print – a growth that still continues apace with the latest developments in LED, Inkjet, Latex and UV cure products.

In 2006 we brought the franchise to the Daventry area, offering for the first time affordable, high quality full colour digital litho print to local and regional businesses.

We’ve since expanded to encompass graphic design services, branding and marketing development for sectors including retail, engineering, manufacturing and IT, working in collaboration with a variety of talented local freelance creatives.

We love what we do at Image It! You’ll find the team here are, like myself, dedicated and passionate about giving you great results at great prices.

We look forward to meeting you soon!

Grainger M Hill
Managing Director
Image IT Limited



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